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A progress of the business is solely depends upon the strength of the partners and we by keeping our concentration over the designing and developments of the software and various web applications invite you to contribute for the rest strengths. Of course you may be our partners just accepting one of the partnership models.

Outsourcing Partnership Model

If you are one of the small or big software or web development company and have tremendous marketing capacity to pull excess work input than the capacity of your team can justify, or have specific requirements for which you lack in-house expertise to cater them or to afford permanent staff is economically unfeasible and you may eye to outsource your projects, then we might be prove the best choice for these very reasons.

Our team will act on behalf of yours and would uplift your competitive edge even without shrinking the margin of profit. You keep co-coordinating with your client at front stage throughout the execution of the project and we merely act behind the curtain as an extension of your company! Our partners have rights to access our technical and industrial expertise and may receive consultations and supports in over all their marketing and sales activities.

Referral Partnership Model

This Partnership model suits the specialists who can promote our services abroad. You may not like to involve any way but want to obtain the benefit by directing us to the potential clients you may refer our services to your clients or the others who in need. If the referral leads to an order, we will pay you the decided referral fee.

Partnership model for Reseller

There are so many independent marketing professionals related to IT and web related services who frequently approaches the clienteles who express their desire and needs in depth and even can share confidential matters with them in such cases it is not advisable them to go to the open market; we are the most trusted partner for such marketing personals and can offer them to resell our services with keeping intact their interest both the way, their image in market and finance.

If you belong to that category we empower you to resell our services to your clienteles at your own rates using either yours or our brand name. By considering us your own software development company, you will let yourself more focused on your marketing activities and expands your customer base. This way you can distress yourself and your role would be up to gathering project requirements and transferring project details to our development team. Apropos you will let us furnish our own job, “programming and developing” the project as per your specifications. We assure you to that we will not redirected to your client and keep ourselves anonymous for them.

Interested in becoming a Partner?

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