Case Study: Auto digest Online

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Auto Digest online is one of renowned auto sites and a market place for car events and information. Considering target audience of youngsters as well car dealers it was required to revamp site with new features along with look and feel.

Communication goals:
– Revamp site with a refreshing look and feel using latest web design trends such as web 2.0, CSS3 etc. to provide an good experince to target users
– Make Digital Magazine edition available for users to read online with same feel of an auto magazine
– Hold interest of young car owners, car dealers as well other persons with same interest
– Engage users and encourage them more to share their events, views, vehicles etc. on site
– Provide a common platform for people with same interest to discuss/share views

Technology Used:
– Ajax
– Simple machine forum
– CSS3

– A new attractive design is implemented to give site look required according to business requirement
– Feature is integrated to share digital version of magazine with users while keep same look and feel of it even online. A Flip book is integrated to acheive this
– Efects using Jquery and CSS3 are used explicity to enhance performance of site and making user inteface more attractive

Auto digest online is live with its new look and features. This has been only accomplished with combine efforts of Networkers team and inputs from Auto Digest online team. Click to view Auto digest online