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Is Your Website Working For You?

Posted at November 1, 2011 | By : | Categories : Website Development | Comments Off on Is Your Website Working For You?

Before deciding if your website is working you need to ask yourself some questions. The most important question is why do you have a website? The two most common types of web-sites are informational and online stores. What is the purpose of your website? Informational are used to give out information and can have many purposes. Online stores can be used in many different situations and for many different businesses.

The best way to tell if your website is working for you is to review your site analytics. Most site come with an analytic program, but if yours does not there are various free analytic programs available. The most common free analytic program is called Google Analytics.

By looking at your website analytics you can see: how many visitors are coming to your website, where your visitors are coming in from, what keywords people are finding your website under, what your bounce rate is and much more. If your website has a high bounce rate that means that a majority of visitors are coming into your website and leaving quickly. This is not good! You want visitors to look around your website and if they are not your website is not working for you.

If after reviewing your web stats you realize that your website is not working for you, what do you do?

The best way to fix your website problems is to contact a web specialist. The staff at web design company will locate the problems with your website and use their expertise to find the proper solution. Many new websites require this extra push to get more visitors which help increase the natural search engine ranking.