Networkers with its years of experience in website designing and the professional teammates had made it possible to extend the best PSD to HTML web designing services. A proficient PSD to XHTML facilitates easy way of conversions. However if you do not know much about it then we will help you to know about it.

What is XHTML?

It was in the year 2000 when XHTML was introduced. IT is the abbreviated form of Extensible hypertext markup language. In basic terminology, it is the extension of HTML. It is true that this enabled to give the solution of converting a file or image into the XHTML format.

What does PSD refers to?

,p>Photoshop being well known software for editing the graphics through which the images can be modified. As far as editing and manipulation is concerned, this is the leading software being available all over the world. PSD is basically the Photoshop document extension. Since the images that were being transformed from PSD to HTML, turned out to be distorted and were not much clear. So in order to enhance the quality, we bring upon you an option to go for XHTML developer. With this you can overcome the drawbacks of PSD to HTML and therefore get a better image. With the help of XHTML any sort of picture can be converted to other language in a refined form.

Features of XHTML that attracts the most in comparison to HTML:

  • In comparison to HTML, It is mandatory that each of the tag is supposed to be closed in XHTML format.
  • The attributes and tags are written as in lower case.
  • Every element in XHTML is supposed to be decoded.

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